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The Dubai Mall


The Dubai Mall is the world’s largest shopping destination and offers a unique shopping and entertainment experience. As part of the original design, members of the Recursive team undertook to create unique features throughout the mall, covering the Fashion Catwalk Atrium, the Aquarium, the Gold Souk, the Skating Rink and the Grand Drive, alongside the many LED banners throughout the malls walkways.

Creating Concepts

The LED displays and multimedia features for the were conceived to bring a new element of creativity and art to the shopping experience including video, sound, lighting, show control, media production and electro acoustic analysis. Electro-acoustic simulation and auralisation studies were carried out to determine optimal configurations of sound systems and acoustic finishes for the multi-purpose performance spaces. An important part of these systems are the media production facilities where new shows and content can be created and re-purposed for these displays. A purpose built user environment has been created to facilitate production whilst simplifying the interface with the underlying technology allowing this to be a creative space and not solely the domain of technicians

Our Role

Members of the team delivered AV, IT & multimedia design and project management for the original key entertainment features within the mall. This included the design of an IT centralised networked, the multimedia production facilities and the delivery systems to areas such as the fashion catwalk atrium, the aquarium, the skating rink, the grand drive banners and external water features alongside hotels and numerous restaurants working through RIBA stages 1 through 6.


Project Data

  • Client:EMAAR
  • Timeline:Two and a Half Years
  • Segment:Retail
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