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The Vaults – London


Creating an immersive real time wireless audio application controlled by beacon technology to empower visitors to discover a unique Disney immersive theatrical experience never before seen or heard. Recursive designed, developed and installed a dynamic, automated, ‘hands-free’ and audio delivery and tracking system for a first of its kind live performance of Disney’s Fantasia in the heart of London underneath Waterloo station. Set inside a series tunnels, guests are invited to dance with a funky hippo, walk in a dark prehistoric wasteland, to seek out the fairies in a enchanted forest, sneak into the Sorcerer’s lair and experience the eerie majesty of Bare Mountain.


The Brief

The Vaults production team approached Recursive to assist them in delivering a real time audio system driven by beacon technology which would allow guest to freely wander through the immersive theatrical environment whilst being delivered the Fantasia soundtrack fully synced with the dancers and actors within each space. The system needed to be able to work with 600+ users simultaneously in a very challenging environment of Victorian underground tunnels with a busy rail network running overhead, and allow on screen content to be accurately driven based on the users location. Being a live event, the system had to work each and everytime for each guest to ensure everyone had their own unique experience.

The Solution

To transmit audio to the chosen audio device, Recursive proposed the use of an audio over Wi-Fi device that would allow audio to be streamed over the wireless network directly to each mobile device. Custom directional Beacons were deployed to enable the user’s exact location within each room to be determined to ensure that they received the correct part of the soundtrack at any point of their journey. A content rich media delivery was also required which could push HTML based content in real time based on the users location. The system delivers binaural audio in real time using Apple iPod devices when visitors are within specific locations within the journey. Audio is delivered in real time via Wi-Fi which allows for audio synchronisation with lighting and live action throughout the spaces. A cloud based Content Management System (CMS) allows for real time administration over the services including the audio channels served, the dynamic creation of audio zones, the control over the beacons and their settings and the maintenance reporting for diagnostics purposes.



Project Data

  • Client:The Vaults – London
  • Timeline:Three Months
  • Segment:Venue/Experiential
  • Partners:Experential/Theatre
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